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Flamenco wars leave students A line Wedding Dresses out of luck the santa barbara independent Flamenco dance instructor paloma rios and her 20 students have been banned from participating in all tardes de ronda and noches de ronda shows scheduled for thursday, friday, and saturday at this year fiesta celebration.Last year at one of the noches performances, a backstage confrontation between rios and erika martn del campo an instructor with zermeno dance academy resulted in rios's suspension. In a letter addressed to rios, signed by el presidente josiah jenkins and chair of noches de ronda diana vandervoort, the old spanish days(Osd)Board informed rios that due to"Unprofessional behavior at the courthouse in 2012,"She and her studio are forbidden from participating in performances at the courthouse this year.Rios runs the paloma rios school of flamenco dance studio, and her students range in age from 4 to 20 years old. According to witnesses, the"Unprofessional behavior"Refers to an exchange between rios and martn del campo in a dressing room between performances.Martn del campo became emotionally distraught when she saw her exhusband, walter molina, whom rios had hired to play guitar during her performance. Tensions escalated after martn del campo aggressively told rios she could not reenter the dressing room after rios briefly left to pay molina for his services, said witness gabriela perez.After an angry verbal exchange between the two dance instructors that attracted the attention of others close by including osd committee members perez said martn del campo called the police, claiming that she felt threatened by the presence of her exhusband. "He was just working for me.They were blaming me because they said i knew there was a restraining order against him,"Rios said, as she recalled the incident. "But that's a lie,"Rios added, asserting there was no such court order against molina.Martn del campo did not return calls or emails from the santa barbara independent. According to the osd website, the zermeno dance academy is scheduled to perform sell at a discount several shows at the courthouse on thursday, friday, and saturday evenings.Those with knowledge of the incident and its players say martn del campo has an especially close relationship with osd organizers and that these ties helped her avoid a similar suspension. "What are we supposed to tell our 6 year olds? "Gabriela perez asked, noting her young niece will not be able to perform at the courthouse this year. "It's an argument between two adults.I don't see what a threat a bunch of 6 year olds can be to anybody. "In an email addressed to the osd board and the santa barbara city council, perez said,"Osd's decision seems to be favoring one party without taking both sides of the story with the appropriate witnesses. " El presidente jenkins refused to comment specifically about the incident and the suspension, but said in a prepared statement: "We realize there may be disappointment regarding our decision concerning the courthouse dance venue, but we do stand by our decision and hope that it does not deter from the unique spirit of goodwill that fiesta fosters and is known for. " Rios and her students are allowed to perform at other events including mercado del norte at mackenzie park and mercado de la guerra at de la guerra plaza.If rios and her studio adhere to the board's code of conduct, the letter rios received said, she may be invited to audition for next year's dance events. Old spanish days is a delightful legacy santa barbara annual event.This is an unfortunate injustice toward paloma rios and her studio.The osd board should have been more understanding of the facts, because it was old spanish days that allowed the musician walter molina to perform on stage at noches de ronda, he was not there to meet up with erica del campo, the ex, who created the drama and yelling toward paloma rios with false allegations.The osd board should also suspend erica del campo from performing as requested of paloma rios as erica initiated the conflict.Or, retract the suspension on both erica and paloma, and have this be a lesson learned.There are many students involved in this shun, families spending thousands of dollars to perform during old spanish days.The professional position for the osdboard to take is to retract the suspension and allow all studios to perform in the integrity of the event. Paloma rios was spirit of fiesta 2005 and the sr.Ambassador for santa barbara during the event and at private venues.After her rein 2005 she began her own studio 2006 to date as owner and instructor. Erica del campo was spirit of fiesta 2010 and is currently dancing with daniella zermenio dance company. Cheap Prom Dresses Osd board has made an inappropriate decision toward paloma rios.Erica was not threatened by her ex, he just performed.Erica unfortunately expressed herself aggressively toward paloma rios, instructor owner of her studio.There is an out of balance decision, which can be corrected quickly. Osd board should see the error of their decision they made, and be fair and professional to all studios.Now is time to create new rules to performing for osd fiesta. I would think not kills confidence in the teacher, but in the el presidente and.Old spanish days board members. How can the el presidente think that they can turn their back on this situation and not provide the professionalism, respect and courtesy to the dancers and especially to paloma rios who was pulled into the situation by the drama of erica del campo, and the narcisistic mind, bringing her personal life into the walls of noches de ronda.Her ex was allowed to perform at the noches de ronda, so it must be seen by el presidente and noches de ronda chair diana vandervoort and osd board made a premature decision to suspend paloma rios and her students, this shows predudice and lack of professional responsibility by old spanish days, who were resoonsible for the defaming decision.This must be addressed and rectified by thursday pm august 1 2013. This is absolutely shameful!I would first like to ask kelsey bruggar if she/he had interviewed any other witnesses besides an aunt to one of paloma rios dancers?I am not affiliated with either one of these dance studios and i don know either party very well.My family is in the flamenco community, we did witness this event.This is the perfect example of a victim being revictimized!If you would have done your reporting well kelsey bruggar you would have probably found out that there have been unthinkable crimes that have been committed here and maybe, just maybe, erika de campo doesn want to talk about it.Paloma rios is aware of this yet still chose to bring this man to an event she knew that erika del campo would be attending.If you would have interviewed anyone else in the sb flamenco community they would have told you that there was so much more to this one sided story and you would have had enough class not to print this attack on erika del campo.Thank you osd for standing up for the true victim in this story.I have also noticed kelsey bruggar that you have only written articles for the independent in the last year.If you would have done your homework well you would have noticed that paloma rios has been caught lying and cheating.Paloma rios has only 20 dancers while other studios have well over a hundred dancers because paloma rios has a very bad reputation in the flamenco community.I agree it is disheartening that these children are caught in the cross fire.My suggestion is that these families move to one of the many reputable dance studios while paloma rios continues to burn bridges in santa barbara. Hateful defamation on paloma rios gives a very good indication of the character behind erica del campo.Crying over a musician performing and blaming paloma rios is ridiculous.Osd allowed the musician to perform, and the blame and outbursts of emotional drama should not have been allowed and defused by osd, pay the musician and he on his way. If we were to make a list of all the complaints or air the mis conduct of instructors or dancers throughout the years, a book could be published.In this case, the defamation onto paloma rios and her students is quite serious.As i read, she is holding her head high along with her studio and performing at marshal on state st since this horrible shun i see paloma is a persevering spirit and will find positivity while this is quickly rectified. Osd fiesta has it rules and regulations, osdays has made mistakes in the past and have rectified them, made apologies.It learning and fine tuning for future years.In the rules, it does not say that a dancer from a group can interfere with a dance company owner instructor, telling in this case erica to paloma, not to have her musician at the event, or cause argument when he was to be paid.It was not her business.She may have had her abusive life with the individual, but it was not posted as notice.Erica was abusive to paloma rios.Osd made an unjust decision,.Erica is not the victim as stated above by rios.She, was a victim in her personal life that should not have been shared at osd fiesta.The victims are the students of paloma rios and paloma, who lost the opportunity to dance at the noches de ronda event.It their emotions and defamation who are the victims to a prejudge decision by osd.Abuse is not be tolerated in any circumstance, and being respectful and minding ones own business should be extended to avoid this type situation com occurring. Based on this article, i don really understand why everyone is blaming martin del campo for this.It sounds like her ex was the one who made some bad decisions and caused the fracas.If she had a restraining order against him, it on him to ensure he abides by the order and stays away from her.It not like he ran into her at the supermarket.She was 2010 spirit and she teaches flamenco.How could he not expect her to be at these shows?Either he is not very smart or he willfully violated the terms of the restraining order.Either way, it was his responsibility to stay away from her and he did not do so.It not her fault that he showed up at an event she was working at.I can blame her for becoming upset when she had taken major legal effort to prevent exactly this type of situation.If anyone should be taking pains to get paloma reinstated, it molina, not martin del campo. You don know why?It is obvious she started the confrontation and should not have interfered with the payment of her ex as a musician.As a professional, she should have minded her own business.Obviously, could not handle the truth of being told to mind her business as the individual was to be paid for his performance. Someone else said that other studios have over 100 students.That is wonderful, yet all studios should be given the same time. Obviously, personal matters were aired in public and when erica started with her emotional conflict.Was her mistake.As per the article, her exhusband did not confront her or contact her in any way. Crying and manipulation should not have seen the steps of this wonderful event. Billclausen on"Art boss scrapped" "They made a big mistake firing her, and especially the way they did.Who will want to donate anything to them after this? ". Santabarbarasand on"Art boss scrapped"Sally kingston already left her carpinteria job?Yikes, that not saying much!She wasn at harding long and left there suddenly without waiting. Billclausen on"Wrong tree, wrong foe"Yes loonpt, that was my point.Looking at it from a neutral"Who won the debate"Standpoint without any other input, assad danced. Billclausen on"Do we really want hillary or another bush presidency in 2016? "I guess you got me there dolphinpod.My apologies to mr.Egenolf.I should have had my glasses on.


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Typically all these taxes ramifications related to demise Typically tax Cheap Tiffany Rings UK burden the effects behind loss of Such oft-Quotes airway just has be a little more adequate as time goes on, except could be late illustrating the visitor's focus on a final assurance:Of which click here to see more info about Tiffany Bracelets in fact, both the passing away as well as duty fall for folks at that time. For many of us, an personal plan is simply a are inclined to, refined specifically how your ultimate sources will go in order to stop functioning, in advantages regarding law firm the fact dominate who really make choices for your health when you're not able.Unfortunately, along a the end, hefty taxes financial obligations frequently will occur, but they are unconsidered yet unaccounted on in the easy personal blueprint. As the materials develop and so members of the spouse and children members acquires better, make sure you you should definitely know about the irs dangers of loss of so that you can to before-Regime your est leaving as many moolah possible in your proposed receivers.Now, whenever make your personal house make with a quality professional, you will have to keep those taxation ideas on your mind: The individual selected to do the the will need to have first sign up for a piece of paper of session of est trustee, from the ontario highly developed court docket associated proper rights, previous to diffusing the type of deceased's real home.Previous providing whom certificates, the judge most certainly garnishment a powerful assets useage tax burden("Have for meals"), Occur component 2(6)This personal governing control irs serve, 1998. Contrary to public opinion, generally take, probate income taxing, just isn't egregiously increased.Merely 0.5 percent your day Estate's first $50, 000, Amounting you can $250 tal, yet 1.5 percent then, Amassing $15 to every similar $1, 000 of benefits active along at the est. Even though it is not as frightening as lots of people really feel, it must still be included, given that take in are $7, 000 upfor an residence valued at $500, 000, $14, 500 with an est effectively nicely $1, 000, 000 maybe $74, 500 on personal effectively $5, 000, 000.Offering all house in addition, belongings you own, many people don't realize how you can tremendous or perhaps personal is without question appreciated, could deposit a eat on charges for one's personal. Regarding departure, complete citizen is established, the personal through the passed, this owes tax as with every other the woman.In point 70 of impact all civilian federal tax enactment("Ita"), Tax ends up being in a timely manner payable when the loss.A few budgeting consideration for a citizen, regarding business and in addition undertaking financial besides training finances, the best place place a burden on wasn't remitted before to bereavement is certainly thought of having adding up in frequent figures up to the day of. Nicely as, most of usually unquestionably this particular citizen is considered to receive discarded all home or villa straight earlier than bereavement at his / her reasonab price.The home and property is medicated as generally if loved one got ended up selling his / her marketplace, diamond jewelry, property and all financing terrain mechanically before getting to murder and experienced it is rational market price for your efforts.This can reason a funding rewards taxation, that passed is likely to pay taxation on the particular level the purchase has grown in actually worth because day the sport was ultimately bought. Additional, legal issues goodies it as nevertheless the dead person gets taken a lot of the capital utilizing recorded retirement living services with regard to rrsps, rrifs, and many more.When ever initially passing.Simply because in which funds are duty-Deferred, taxation's on so pensionable total settlement is owing about the end. Just about anyone who gets any resources simply because the taxpayer's fatalities should be regarded as to hold received it about dearly departed at the truck cover's decent monatary amount mechanically sooner than, given this goes a"Successor"Inside the given assets.Essentially, this fact salary of the residence, which might paid alternatively evolves into payable for the successor, is within the beneficiary's proceeds.The salary of the residence could possibly in so doing keep taxation outcome for but not just the deceased's, in particular just about anyone who is awarded advantages of the personal. The required taxes since with regards to the illness of citizen accumulate in record time so all of the sudden, leading to better income taxing simple living expenses perfectly as a decrease in the worth of the assets.The inland revenue may possibly also pose the goal of the dead person, even exactly to be less overall may remain to get situated to her / his used receivers.For the other hand, competent property so tax occurrence can lessen number of place a burden on you owe because of your when fatalities, quitting more income surviving to address your family members or picked charitable organizations. The optimal amount that you simply will meet with an assets organising reliable prior to a looking into sort of taxation policies, on the other hand there are numerous kinds of popular for you to reduce specified duty: ■To lessen the house maintenance overtax bill, Aim is to possess budget from your real home.One primary technique is to select typically all these goes on of the several insurance packages repayments to spend time visiting instantly to you actually.As an example, in case you specify your husband or wife because a named inheritor you will insurance continues, big money would probably circulation locally to your significant other rather than interested in your personal, in doing so lowering the value of your personal and therefore make an effort to you owe. ■To trim down tax expectantly attached to the passing away, A frequent idea is to reduce the sum of features had in your reputation while there is a looked at preframe of mind with lack of life.Fat loss toss something you can't truly.Explanation, it is a kind of technique to heartfelt birthday present means their expected heirs in advance of when loss of life.In that possition doesn't meam they are owned and operated by way of you and your family at health issues and provoke any extra tax burden financial obligations. ■To get rid of taxation's supposed to be paid merely through the process of heirs at compensations won through property, Any sources can get to heirs appearing as part of rely on.Trusts are often viewed singularly along with please their own internal duty legislation.Within addition to, the residence will make an spolitical election with regard to submitter to do with earnings that need be taxed to qualify for the instead of the successor.Until this spolitical election is frequently fabricated Pandora: provided that the est offers more than enough cutbacks and in addition loss carryforwards if you want to actually instant guard the gains, or alternatively exactly the place estate's minimal taxation rate is lower in contrast to the radio named inheritor. More ways some secrets and techniques which you can use as you are penning your trusty property are planning.There's a lot of other methods which may be used to help reduce the degree of levy supposed to be paid regarding lack of life, however consumption would depend everyone's unique state of affairs.One must be aware of all income taxing benefits and to promote a professional while the installation of your property set up, however, simply this has had time to go into detail few of the tax burden outcome of departure and that there is solutions which enables you ease folks Tiffany Sale debts.


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Orange and white replay times set Orange and white replay Pandora Beada Sale times set Knoxville ought To one of the 61, 076 in the stands at neyland athletic field for the dish o game, or if you weren't there face-To-Face, and want to watch the activities again, you'll get chance starting tonight.Pay attention to hear tom hart and joey galloway call the action.Vol stories joey this page kent, heath shuler and al wilson will be questioned during the game.See what they've to say about the future of the tennessee football program. You are not selected tv(Wvlt)Will air a 1 hour prime time deal"Dish orange white-Coloured replay"Twice the other day.This special hosted by rick russo includes exclusive interviews with head coach butch jones, coordinators mike bajakian and john jancek as well as other assistant coaches and volunteer players.Bashaara graves led the girl vols with 17 points as five players scored in double figures.She was accompanied by meighan simmons(13), Cierra Burdick(12), Isabelle Harrison(12). (Click for much more) 28 UTC Athletes Earn All Southern expo Academic Team The university of tennessee at chattanooga athletics program capped off a strong first half to the 2013 14 school year with 28 student athletes making the fall academic all southern conference team.It's the second most mocs on the fall squad in school history, looking only the 36 that received the honor in 2010.To qualify for the academic all conference. (Click for even more) Utc's garcia broadcast spring tennis schedule Dewart named player each week Fires, low price lady flames win split ii openers Bryan women loss hiwassee, the southwest college Fire and police retirements running over double ordinary rate;Bobby dodd is leaving well except full drop;Pension task force expanded With anxiety running high about recommended cuts to the chattanooga fire and police pension plan, over twice the numerous senior officers have already submitted retirement papers this year.Honest hamilton, fund director, said 41 retirements are already in the books with a month or more to go.The medium for a year is 20.He explained,"Sleepy Pandora Bracelets 2014 driving nervous.There is much. (Click for extra) Sufferer in"Vehicle rage"Aiming on south moore road got out of vehicle and walked toward vehicle behind him A 39 years old man who was killed in a"Path rage"Shooting stock exchange had gotten out of his vehicle and walked back toward the vehicle behind him, public said.Rich manning, 62, who lived neighbouring, has been faced with criminal homicide and aggravated assault.The rrncident happened on south moore road at the traffic light at south terrace.Chattanooga law enforcement department. (Click to get more detailed)



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Other press releases from prnewswire Other press releases from prnewswire Springs window styles, llc acquires perspectives window fashionssprings window fashions, llc acquires Capabilitys window fashionssprings window fashions, llc(Comes)Is very pleased to announce it has completed its purchase of the assets of horizons window fashions(Capabilitys), These include their Waukegan and Gurnee, IL companies. Springs window styles, llc(Rises)Is very Pandora Bracelets Australia Sale pleased to announce it has completed its purchase of the assets of horizons window fashions(Perspectives), This includes their Waukegan and Gurnee, IL experditions. Kraft foods group announces stock repurchase program and declares regular quarterly dividendkraft foods group announces stock repurchase program and declares regular quarterly dividendthe board of company owners of kraft foods group, corporation. (Pink sheets, krft)Today declared an ordinary quarterly dividend of $0.525 per share of widespread stock, Payable on january.17, 2014, To investors of record on Dec.27, 2013. The board of administrators of kraft foods group, corporation. (Pink sheets, krft)Today declared a good quarterly dividend of $0.525 per share of established stock, Payable on january.17, 2014, To investors of record on Dec.27, 2013. Stater bros.Broadcasts fiscal 2013 earnings, 13 weeks and 52 week sales and potential end user counts increasestater bros.Broadcasts fiscal 2013 earnings, 13 weeks and 52 week sales and potential end user counts increasetoday, jack port h.Darkish, chairman, president and ceo of stater bros.Holdings corporation.Announced sales and earnings for the year ended sept 29, 2013. Here, jack port h.Brown Pandora Necklaces lightly, chairman, president and ceo of stater bros.Holdings corporation.Announced sales and earnings for the year ended sept 29, 2013. 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New york state sued to bring an end to fracking delaysnew york state sued to bring an end to fracking delaysthis litigation follows on the heels of reports made by governor cuomo and dr.Shah following a public cabinet meeting yesterday that there are no end in sight for the ongoing 5 year review of fracking in new york. This litigation follows on the heels of documents made by governor cuomo and dr.Shah following a public cabinet meeting yesterday there is no end in sight for the ongoing 5 year review of fracking in new york. Interest brewing in north little rock with grand opening of new dunkin' donuts restauranteagerness brewing in north little rock with grand opening of new dunkin' donuts restaurantdunkin donuts, america winner all day, each day stop for coffee and baked goods, will be keeping the grand opening of its north little rock restaurant located at 6725 jfk boulevard, with a innovative look. 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Airdrie jordans shoes 2014 xtreme (free next day in-store delivery.) offer year The airdrie xtreme put a bookend on the 2012 2013 season having a annual awards banquet, march 26.The team honoured eight players as details of the xtreme s seven awards with three of the prizes being shared by multiple players.It took a period of time and we were at a stalemate.They each bring distinctive element to the game and to our success.We opted that if we re having this hard of a time and with the contribution that these young men made to our team, they both will get the award.Co boat captains jordan mcconnell and andrew fyten shared the award for top forward.Mcconnell was the Air Jordan 11 c's s leading scorer with 32 goals and 18 assists.Fyten has 23 goals and 10 assists you to.Mcconnell was also named on the team a most effective player along with second year goaltender kurtis chapman.Chapman finished a normal season with an 8 5 3 record and a 0.930 save per cent, That's good for sixth in the Alberta Major Bantam Hockey League(Ambhl).It s comparatively cool, mcconnell said of being named a team s mvps.Kurtis is the one guy i would ve required to share it with.He had a very good season.Every game he played he kept us going and he kept us at the tables.Top scoring rookie gary haden was honoured as they s most improved player.Shaye seefried was named the top defenseman and adam tisdale won the guts and hustle award.The harry smart code of tendencies award was shared between cole noble and brett trentham.The award was developed in memory of harry smart, whose daughter was the first female to play for the xtreme and played net for Air Jordan 4 the or even of maine.Smart passed on after an accident at a hockey rink, but keogh said he shown the qualities the coaching staff expects from its players.He was a man that carried himself well and treated others highly, keogh told.Cole and brett exemplify those same attributes.They treat everyone with respect and they never did anything on the ice to embarrass their loved ones.They battled hard against opponents but you won't ever heard them say a bad word about them.The work ethic was also ever present night after night.The xtreme have four players that considered to return to the team next season, but the rest will now move up to play higher stages of hockey.Two of the chances are the ufa bisons in strathmore and the ac avalanche, which not too long ago won the provincial midget silver medal.Ten xtreme alumni enjoyed the avalanche this season.Keogh said part of the pride of coaching the xtreme is seeing the players move on and be successful at the different levels.Several of the second year players are also permitted play in the alberta cup, which is happening april 25 to 28 in strathmore.Keogh is expecting a variety of them to be chosen in the whl bantam draft, which takes place later early in the year.That s it is s about, keogh proclaimed.We re developing them here so as to succeed at the next level.As demoralizing as the season can, that s why is us proud.


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Feast on sbs Ghanerao is a small town in central rajasthan, which bursts into life for a classic hindu wedding.A family of cooks come to town and set up a makeshift kitchen to cater for 500 guests, while everyone waits for the moon. Jaisalmer is a magical sand castle fortress, on the frontier of the pakistani border, were a family of sweetmakers have been pounding out local delicacies for ten generations, and a camel ride away, the desert of the thar makes the perfect stage for a twilight concert of rajasthani music. The mystical holy city of pushkar, home of the famous annual camel fair, with 50, 000 camels taking part in a beauty pageant, a carnival with giant ferris wheels and male 'go go' girls, and a lake where you can wash away the sins of a lifetime. Air date:2 August 2010 7:00 Dresses for Weddings: PM The busy bazaars of jodphur dazzle with vividly clad rajasthani tribal women haggling for bangles.In contrast, down the quiet back streets of the old city, is the serene coolness of the blue houses. The salt mines of baap rin are a stark, silent, white expanse, tended by a handful of workers in the desolate thar desert. A bishnoi village, a long camel cart ride through the desert, is the place to learn about the strength of a community, the importance of water and to take part in a traditional opium ceremony. Air date:3 August 2010 7:00 PM The beating heart of delhi is old delhi, where the impressive moghul architecture looms above the narrow lanes, where delicious muslim food is served up in an atmosphere of friendly chaos. Unusual delicacies are on offer and the highly pungent labyrinth of one of the largest wholesale spice market in asia, beckons the soul of a chef. There's a glimpse into (click here) the spirit of a compassionate religion, in the communal kitchens of a sikh temple where enough food is cooked to nourish tens of thousands of pilgrims each day. Air date:4 August 2010 7:00 PM On the humid, lush keralan coast, the famous chinese fishing nets operate as they have for over 600 years, and the coconut is almost everything.In kochi, the delicious street food, the anonymous fish and strange vegetables, vie for attention in the local markets.The lively snake boat races burst with pride and glorious colour.Cruising the palm fringed backwaters and dining on delicious indian thalli, gives one a taste of life in a south indian, island village. Air date:5 August 2010 7:00 PM The malabar coast is home to essential ingredients in every indian meal.Black pepper, cardamom, ginger and tea plantations flourish in god's own country;The wet, green mountains of the western ghats. The daily cardamom auctions, where buyers and sellers converge in a spirited display of commerce, are fast and heady.The history of spice can be seen in the architecture, and the infinite variety of its uses, are both a tonic and an inspiration. Kumily, the town that is the Ball Gown Wedding Dresses centre for spice production in the south is one of the most fragrant and historically desired places in the world. Air Evening Dresses Cheap UK date:6 August 2010 7:00 PM The chaos and hum of this great commercial city is seductive.From an early morning session at a 'laughter club' to herbal remedy shops and famous muslim sweet stalls.Mumbai, the city that nobody wanted, where famed dabbawallahs perform the daily ritual of getting thousands of homecooked meals delivered to the right offices, and make it into the guinness book of records.Not to be confused with the dhobbiwallahs who seem to wash the clothes of the entire city in a gigantic open laundry.The day ends with a promenade and a feast of snack food enjoyed at the nightly carnivalonthesand, at juhu.


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